• Are your products organic?

    Due to the nature of mineral makeup we use natural minerals, which are essentially finely ground rocks. In order to be organic, we would have to compromise on quality in order to achieve the effectiveness of our products, as only plant based ingredients can be deemed organic. That is why you will see 'plant & earth' based on our packaging. All other ingredients that are not minerals, are often organic however we will always choose fair trade over organic if we are unable to have both. It is vital to us that every person involved in the making of our cosmetics is treated ethically and fairly.

  • Are all your products 100% vegan?

    Yes absolutely all our products are 100% vegan. We are committed to using only premium ingredients that are purely plant and earth derived, 100% cruelty free and absolutely never tested on aminals.

  • Does Scoop Whole Beauty contain palm oil?

    No, we do not use any palm oil or palm derived ingredients in our products.

  • Where does your mica come from?

    The mica used in all Scoop Whole Beauty products is fair trade, meaning it is ethically sourced from suppliers who are active members of the Responsible Mica Initiative.

  • Do your products contain nano-sized titanium dioxide particles?

    No, all our products are free from any nano-sized particles, including our titanium dioxide.

  • Do any of your products contain nuts, wheat, coconut or soy?

    All products are not processed in a nut or wheat free facility. We do have coconut and soy derived ingredients in our products. If you have any questions regarding allergies, please contact us at scoopwholebeauty@gmail.com

  • What is the life span of your products?

    Once a product is opened, it's life span varies anywhere from 6-12 months, depending on the product. All life span recommendations can be found on our packaging. Just look for the opened jar and numerical indicator such as 6M or 12M.

  • Do your foundations contain an SPF?

    Yes! Our Full-Loop Pure Mineral Powder Foundation is tested and certified SPF 24+


  • How do I recycle my packaging?

    All aluminium plates, glass bottles and bamboo palettes or containers can be placed in your recycling after cleaning. You can return your lipstick and lip gloss tubes/applicators to our stores to be recycled. Visit one of our Scoop Wholefoods stores or ship to: Scoop Wholefoods, Unit 10, 6 Jubilee Avenue, Warriewood, NSW, 2102, Australia. We thank you in advance for making the effort to recycle.

  • What products can be refilled and how?

    We offer a complete closed-loop system to refill your products whereby you can come into one of our retail outlets and simply refill your containers with your favourite products. Please ensure all bottles and jars and clean and dry, or all powder foundation boxes have simply not been touched as they are naturally antibacterial. Simply ask our friendly in-store team for assistance. All metal plates can simply be recycled and repurchased to place back into your compacts, wether it be mascara, eyeshadows or blush/bronzer. If you cannot get to a store you can purchase refills online too! The only things that we can't refill are our lipsticks and lip glosses, but watch this space!

  • How do I clean and prepare my bottle and pump for a refill?

    When you're ready to clean your bottle simply wash with warm sopay water. When it comes to the pump, simply rinse thoroughly with warm water, then fill your warm now-empty bottle with more warm soapy water, insert the pump mechanism, and pump several times until the pump and tube are clear. Allow both to dry fully before refilling in store or recycling your bottle and inserting your pump into your new refill bottle.

  • How do I prepare my loose powder foundation jar for a refill?

    This one is the easiest. Simply do nothing. Make sure to never put makeup brushes directly inside the powder foundation section as this can introduce bacteria into those sterile environment. If this practice in maintained, you can simply remove the sifter when your refill arrives, or you visit a Scoop Wholefoods store for a closed-loop refill. Do not wet the inside of the container or use a damp cloth. Always keep dry. Never submerge in water.

  • How do I get in touch if I would like to collaborate on content?

    If you are a content creator and would like to collaborate, please kindly email us directly at beauty@scoopwholefoods.com Thank you.

  • Does Scoop Whole Beauty offer a professional artist discount?

    Kindly email us if you are planning to purchase large amounts frequently and we may be able to offer industry discounts on a case by case basis as well as bulk product in sustainable packaging. Please get in contact at scoopwholebeauty@gmail.com


  •  Where can I direct social media enquiries?

    We'd love to hear of your interests in collaborating or sponsorships. We especially love to work with locals who live around our retail stores. Please do keep in mind that we do not accept all offers as a large portion of our collaborative efforts go into working with charities to reduce our carbon footprint, so we must be selective. Please email us at scoopwholebeauty@gmail.com and we will reach out if the opportunity is something we would like to discuss further.  

  • What do I do if my Cake Mascara comes out of the aluminium plate or cracks?

    This is nothing to be concerned about, and can happen with cake mascara, especially if you pour it into a thin and rigid plate. Simply wet the back a little and place back in to set. It will not affect the functionality of the product.