100% Pure Konjac & Pink Clay Compostable Face Sponge

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  • Made From Konjac & French Pink Clay
  • Suitable For all Skin Types & Sensitive Skin
  • Cleanse & Gently Exfoliate
  • Rejuvenated Glowing Skin
  • 100% Compostable
  • Use on its Own or With Your Favourite Cleanser
  • Vegan & Ethical

This purely natural and revitalising skin cleansing tool can be used daily on its own or with your favourite cleanser. Offering a deep skin clean, removing daily makeup, whilst also gently removing any dead skin cells.


Being pH neutral, this pure and natural konjac sponge will help to maintain the natural acid mantle of the skin, protecting it from environmental and bacterial damage. Infused with Pink Clay, which is renowned for assisting with cell renewal, improving elasticity and rejuvenating the skin makes it ideal for tackling a number of skin concerns including hydrating mature skin, reducing puffy dark circles under the eyes and promoting new cell growth.

Because it is entirely compostable, it will gradually degrade and can then be disposed of either in the garden or composter. 100% plant based and vegan, promoting healthy skin while being gentle on the planet.

How to use

Wet your sponge to hydrate it. Apply to wet face and massage in circular motions. Sponge can be used with your favourite face wash or on its own. Squeeze to remove excess water. Hang to dry between uses using the string and be sure to not let it sit in water. When it starts to degrade it can be added to your compost or simply to your garden.


Konjac Root, French Pink Clay.