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scoop whole beauty bamboo refillable cake mascara compact with double edged brow brush. 2 in 1 product, mascara and eyeliner. she midnight black. vegan, ethical and plastic free - midnight black
Scoop Whole Beauty model wears eco friendly, natural, non toxic mud cake mascara - midnight black

Mud Cake Mascara Compact



small individual bamboo swivel compact containing a plate of dark brown brow balm in the shade coffee. Magent to close and lip to remove the brow balm plate. 100% plastic free and refillable vegan product.

Natural Mineral Brow Balm



Scoop Whole Beauty terracotta natural mineral eyeshadow refill with paper compostable packaging - terracotta
Scoop Whole Beauty model wearing terracotta natural mineral eco eyeshadow - terracotta

Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow



eyes and brows bundle - midnight black
eyes and brows bundle - midnight black - espresso brown

Eyes & Brows Bundle

$145.55 $161.75


Scoop Whole Beauty sustainable bamboo multi pallet with mineral refillable makeup and premium vegan brushes
Scoop Whole Beauty model wears pressed mineral eyeshadow in chocolate, natural brow balm and sun-kissed bronzer
bamboo eyeshadow palette with four round preset powders in a hight pink, earthy sand colour, deep and earthy red as well as a chocolate brown. All plates are removable and refillable. Mirror on the underside of the lid and a magnet to hold it closed.

Desert Rose Refillable Eyeshadow Palette



Natural Brow Balm Coffee Refill Plate