Our 3-in-1 Mud Cake Mascara Compact is a one-of-a-kind product that not only offers bold lashes, but filled and styled brows and lined eyes all while being gentle on you and the planet. A revolutionary product that showcases that we can truly have it all without compromise, a mascara that ticks all the boxes and then some! Use it to cover greys or even to make faux freckles.

It is not only a high performing natural mascara, but it is multifunctional, suitable for on-the-go application, 100% sustainable and refillable, vegan and cruelty free, suitable for sensitive eyes and made in Australia! What more can a mascara do?

Follow the below tips to get the best results from this natural and versatile product:


Always start with the brows as you need a lighter and looser paste to coat your brow hairs. Wet your applicator spoolie with just a little touch of water and gently rub the brush along the cake to pick up a light coating of product. Gently brush through your brows. If you are filling them first, use the flat angled brush end again with very little water and gently pick up the product onto the brush, creating a little paste. Apply to brows to create desired shape. Allow the first layer to dry a little and fill in any lighter areas to even out the look. Then follow the spoolie instructions above to shape and hold the brows.


Line your eyes before applying mascara. For a liner, similarly follow the steps for brow filling however you can make a thinker paste for a bolder result. Using the paste on your flat angled brush, apply by gently brushing or dapping into place. Allow to dry before applying another layer, to fill in any lighter areas.


Applying your mascara takes a little practice to get used to, but is absolutely worth it for a chemical free, hypoallergenic formula that’s gentle on the planet too! Take your time to get used to it, and be patient until to master it. You will eventually know exactly what you are looking for in terms of the thick consistency before you apply. Wet your brush by dipping it once under running water, this is usually enough, although you may want to just dip the tip of the brush in again for a tiny bit more water. Work the brush into the paste until you get a thick paste that resembles tube mascara, you’re looking for that familiar consistency. If the paste is too loose it can splash and smudge, and if it is very dry then it will flake as you apply. Don’t stress, this is how all women applied their mascara for decades, you can do it! Spin and press the spoolie against the cake to remove paste from the brush so that you can judge your consistency. Once you are happy with your paste, add to your spoolie and apply to your lashes. Allow to dry before applying a second or even third layer if you wish to build up to your desired look. 

Written by Daisy Kirk

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