If it claims to be natural then it’s 100% natural, right? This is unfortunately far from the truth, with much deception within the beauty industry. So, firstly, let's talk about greenwashing. Sadly it all comes down to the bottom line, and we see this time and time again, where makeup brands deceive consumers is by using buzzwords like "botanical" or "plant-based" to imply a natural formulation. However, these terms can be misleading, as they don't necessarily indicate the overall composition of the product. It's important for consumers to look beyond marketing claims and thoroughly examine ingredient lists to determine the true nature of the product.  

The most common deception tactic employed by certain brands is using a few natural ingredients in their formulations while still incorporating a significant number of synthetic or potentially harmful chemicals. By highlighting these few natural components, with the added illusion of sustainable packaging, many greenwashing brands create an impression of being natural overall, but the reality may be far from it. This practice can mislead consumers who seek genuinely natural and chemical-free alternatives

While many makeup brands may proudly label themselves as “vegan”, it's important to recognise that being vegan doesn't automatically equate to being chemical-free or environmentally responsible. Many vegan makeup products still contain various synthetic ingredients and chemicals that may not align with the concept of clean beauty or sustainability at all. Additionally, the production and packaging of these products can still have huge negative impacts on the environment. Therefore, consumers should be mindful and look beyond the vegan label.

Now let's talk about some natural beauty misconceptions. One of the main reservations about chemical free and natural make-up products is that they are not going to be as effective or long-lasting as conventional ones. However, advancements in technology and formulations have made it possible to create eco-friendly and natural makeup and skincare that delivers high performance and durability as well as maintaining affordability, especially when formulated by small businesses like ours, who are not just thinking about the bottom line, but aiming to deliver high quality products using premium ingredients.

Lastly, some people believe that switching to all natural and eco-friendly make-up is an all-or-nothing commitment. However, it's important to recognise that every small step towards sustainability and toxic-free living makes a difference. Transitioning to more earth-conscious products doesn't have to be an overnight change. Even incorporating a few chemical-free or eco-friendly alternatives into your routine can contribute to improving your health and reducing your environmental impact over time.

Scoop Whole Beauty is proud to advertise that we are free from harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients, offering full transparency of what goes into our products, so that customers can make informed decisions. Our unique and innovative eco-friendly packing make it stand out, but our closed loop cosmetic refill system takes sustainable beauty to the next level.

Written by Daisy Kirk

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