During the winter season, when the cold weather and dry indoor heating can take a toll on our skin, Scoop Whole Beauty offers a range of products to keep our skin nourished, protected, and glowing. First and foremost, the ultimate combatant for skin dryness for all skin types is the Hyaluronic Acid Serum from Scoop Whole Beauty, a winter skin saviour. Its potent formula replenishes moisture levels, helping to alleviate dry patches and restore a supple, dewy skin surface. With the optimal amount of 2% Hyaluronic Acid, along with aloe vera, allantoin and B3, if used morning and evening on a damp face, it will smooth fine lines and completely transform your skin for the better.

    Before applying makeup, Scoop Whole Beauty's Hydrating Herbal Primer is a must-have step. Packed with botanical extracts and antioxidants, this primer not only creates a smooth canvas for makeup application but also provides additional hydration and nourishment. Its lightweight texture ensures a comfortable wear throughout the day while keeping the skin protected from environmental stressors and cold snaps. 

    When taking about keeping skin hydrated and looking its best, the Organic Australian Jojoba Oil from Scoop Whole Beauty is an addition to your skincare routine that you wont regret. Applying this before bed, even just twice a week can offer deep skin nourishment, antioxidant benefits and a smooth even complexion for skin that naturally glows.

    To add a touch of colour and     shine to your winter look, Scoop Whole Beauty's Natural Lip Glosses come to the rescue. Infused with organic castor oil and cocoa butter, they are available in both clear and pink pitaya shades, delivering a long-lasting, glossy and moisturising finish that enhances the natural beauty of your lips. They keep lips hydrated and prevent chapping, ensuring a perfect pout even in the coldest temperatures.

    Scoop Whole Beauty's warm and earthy Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow shades, including sand, terracotta and chocolate, offer a captivating sun-kissed contrast, for an eye look perfectly suited for the winter season. The sand and terracotta hues evoke the earthy colours of the sea shore and autumn leaves, while the deep chocolate shade adds a touch of sophistication and allure, ideal for an evening look on a winter night. Together, these warm shades create an inviting eye look that beautifully complements the cold weather ambiance, m aking you feel cozy and stylish in the colder months.

While indulging in winter skincare and makeup, it's crucial not to overlook sun protection. Scoop Whole Beauty's Full-Loop Pure Mineral Powder Foundation SPF24+ offers a dual benefit of sun protection and flawless coverage. The powder foundation provides a lightweight and breathable finish while shielding the skin from harmful UV rays. Its SPF properties ensure that our skin remains safeguarded from sun damage, even on those chilly winter days when the sun's rays may not feel as intense. 

Written by Daisy Kirk

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