When we first began discussing the idea of launching natural cosmetics at Scoop Wholefoods, and before the name Scoop Whole Beauty was even decided upon, we knew that cake mascara was going to be the way to go. We needed a mascara that ticked all of our boxes, and we couldn’t find anyone else in the industry offering a cake mascara that not only worked incredibly well, but was natural and toxic-free and 100% sustainably packaged and refillable. We also wanted to be able to use it on the go - a seemingly elusive find.
But why a cake? In the cosmetic industry, mascara is well known for being the most toxic cosmetic. Not only Packed with cheap chemicals to enhance performance and increase the bottom line, traditional mascaras in their plastic tubes, require additional chemicals to ward off the bacteria introduced with each and every use. It was abundantly clear that we needed an alternative to this format. Most mascaras are meant to be thrown out after 3 months due to the bacteria that we introduce during use, however, surprisingly, most of us continue to use the same tube for around twelve months, applying a product even the manufacturers consider unsafe. And this leads to an astonishing amount of plastic waste. Let's take a moment to contemplate, and for argument's sake let's say that we purchase a new mascara every year from the age of 17 to 80. That adds up to approximately 63 plastic tubes per person—solely for mascara. When we multiply this figure by the global female population, the numbers become staggering: a mind-blowing 252 billion tubes, and that's just for women. Furthermore, by adding all these chemicals and bacteria, many mascaras are not suitable for those with sensitive eyes, and can cause itching and redness. With these health and environmental concerns in mind, we set out to create a cake mascara that embraced sustainable and reusable packaging, staying true to the closed-loop system we promote at Scoop Wholefoods as well as being natural and safe. The water in our cake mascara dries up after each use, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals. 
We really can have it all with this product. A toxic free, natural and handmade mascara, that’s sustainable and actually works. However we need information and education with this product so that people understand why we have gone down this route. Many are unaware of the high amount of toxic chemicals in everyday mascaras which are so easily absorbed by the body through our eyes, and for many of us on a daily basis. A large amount of these chemicals are known as 'forever chemicals' because once inside the body, there is no way to really flush them out and many are either carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors that can wreak havoc on our bodies. So that little bit of extra effort of working your mascara cake into a paste not only offers benefits to our overall health, but allows for a much more planet friendly product too.
So far we have found that many women have previously used a cake mascara for a variety of reasons; being planet and waste conscious, preferring natural products, having sensitive eyes or are conscious about sustainability. These customers are loving both our innovative packing and high performing formula made by our talented team of multi-award winning formulators, the makers behind some of Australia’s most loved natural cosmetic brands. We are proud to have stuck to our goals and worked so hard to get to this point, where it has indeed paid off, and we are incredibly proud of this product and we are taking a stand against what has become an industry norm, going back to how mascara used to be used for centuries. We hope you love it as much as we do.


Written by Daisy Kirk

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