1. 35ml Glass Bottles with Lotion Pumps

Because we have done away with as much plastic as possible and opted for premium quality glass bottles, you will want to ensure that they are stored in a cool dry place, and on a clean and dry surface with the lid on to maintain freshness. Bamboo is a porous material, so it likes to be kept dry. If it does succumb to mould, then you must replace it. The glass bottle can be recycled, bamboo parts composted and the plastic pump mechanism can be returned to your local store to be recycled.

When you finish your product, be sure to follow our instructions on each product page in order to prepare your bottle and pump for your refill, in order to ensure the utmost hygiene.

2. Bamboo Packaging

Bamboo is a sustainable option for housing your natural cosmetics. The only draw back is that it is brittle and pours, so avoid dropping at all costs! They need to be kept in a cool dry place to maintain their maximum longevity and avoid any mould or rust. If you care for your compacts, they will serve you well for years to come. And with more products on the horizon there are so many amazing products to choose from to mix and match in these versatile travel cases. Replace only what you need, making your beauty collection more sustainable, luxurious and personalised as well as being more affordable.

Lipsticks & Glosses

These gorgeous formulas have been created to withstand changes in temperature as they are often stored in your handbag, however, we are limited by our passion for natural ingredients, so please still be mindful of extreme heat and humidity as well as freezing temperatures as this may alter the product. You may notice the organic cacao butter resetting on the surface. This is nothing to be concerned about and the product will still work effectively.

Packaging can be returned to any Scoop Wholefoods outlet to be recycled.