Vegan Foundation Brush

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  • Ultra-Soft Bristles
  • Premium Vegan Brush
  • Long Lasting 
  • Buff & Blend
  • Ideal for Applying Liquid Foundation and Primer

Our Vegan Foundation Brush was designed for use with our Hyaluronic Infused Natural Liquid Cover.


Vegan Foundation Brush - Our luxurious Foundation Brush is designed to elevate your makeup application. The dense and flat shape effortlessly covers, blends, and creates an airbrushed finish, giving your skin a flawless appearance. Designed to apply our Hyaluronic-Infused Natural Liquid Cover as well as our Hydrating Herbal Primer for those who like to apply using brushes.

Crafted with premium and conscious materials, our brushes are a testament to quality and luxury. Made from sustainable wood, endlessly recyclable aluminium, and premium ultra-soft vegan fibres, it delivers impeccable performance while upholding our commitment to cruelty-free products.

How to use

When using this brush to apply our Hyaluronic-Infused Natural Liquid Cover, you can either apply one pump of the foundation in small dots over the face using your fingers and then blend them all together using the brush. Or alternatively pump one pump of foundation straight onto the brush and use it to dab in various areas of the face before blending. Do the same if using to apply our primer. You can also use this blush to blend in your lipstick when using as a cream blush in a dabbing motion to blend seamlessly.

To wash your brushes use a gentle shampoo from Scoop Wholefoods. Scrub the brush to create a foam over the palm of your hand, rinse and repeat if needed until foam and water are clear. Be sure to use warm water that's not too hot to avoid damaging the bristles. We recommend to wash your brushes every 4-8 weeks depending on the frequency of use. Allow to fully dry in the sun or on the edge of a counter.


Wood handle, Aluminium Ferrule, Premium Synthetic Bristles.